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About Radiation Oncologists

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Radiation Oncologists are medical specialists who are trained to use Radiation Therapy, also known as Radiotherapy, to treat cancer symptoms as well as in the overall care of cancer patients.

These specialists are responsible for regularly assessing patients to determine the best treatment plan for each individual and to oversee the process and progression of these treatments. Radiation Oncologists may prescribe various tests, medical images, and medications during treatments. They also often consult with other healthcare providers involved with cancer patients’ care to determine the best treatment options.

Radiation Oncologists are very involved in the ongoing treatment of patients. Frequent check-ups are carried out throughout the treatment process so assessments of how different patients are responding to different treatments can be made. Necessary adjustments are then made to the individual treatment plans.

Ongoing follow-ups with Radiation Oncologists are also common as they assist with the continued assessments of how patients have responded to the Radiation Therapy. They check what side-effects patients may have and to manage any further developments in these patients. These ongoing follow-ups may continue for months or even years after patients have completed their treatments.

Radiation Oncologists work closely with other healthcare providers such as Radiologists, Oncologists, Internists, and nurses among others to deliver optimal treatment plan.

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