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About Occupational Therapists

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Often referred to as OTs, Occupational Therapists are trained to understand the medical, physical and psychological factors that may interfere with one’s ability to perform daily activities. They help patients develop and re-learn necessary skills, adapt to their surroundings, and learn to use various instruments to overcome daily challenges.

Occupational Therapists work with a diverse range of patients who may be experiencing hardships psychologically, physically, developmentally, or socially in various settings like their homes, work, or everyday surroundings. Post-stroke limitations, spinal cord injuries, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSDs), cancers, substance uses, suicidal tendencies, and workplace injuries are just some of the conditions their patients may have.

By assessing different attributes specific to the patient, such as physical & mental abilities, social & emotional surroundings, and physical environments, Occupational Therapists can help to identify the potential underlying issue that is hindering the patient’s ability to perform certain tasks. Both corrective and preventative care may be provided afterward to help overcome the many limitations patients face and to prevent further issues or injuries.

Occupational Therapists work alongside a number of other medical specialists in providing combined treatment and care, including but not limited to, Family Doctors, Physical Therapist, Audiologists, and Psychologists.

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