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About Neurosurgeons

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A Neurosurgeon specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and surgical treatment of disorders affecting the body’s nervous system including the brain, spinal cord and the central and peripheral nervous system. 

Neurosurgeons have the expertise and capability to treat a wide range of issues affecting the health of the nervous system including tumors, tissue damage, vascular disorders, infections or degenerative diseases of the brain or spine and neurological injuries as a result of blood clots, strokes, and accidents.

Through the use of scans and diagnostic tests including computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI,) a Neurosurgeon is able to assess the origin of the disorder as well as provide a treatment plan and whether surgery is needed. Brain surgery procedures can take several hours and Neurosurgeons work alongside an extensive team of support staff including other physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists, radiologists and more.

Neurosurgeons may perform neurosurgical treatment of conditions including the repair of nerve damage, meningitis, central nervous system infections, spinal disc hernia, brain hemorrhage, skull fractures, spinal cord and peripheral nerves; cerebral hemorrhage, angiomas of the brain and spinal cord and Moyamoya disease.

Along with performing surgeries, neurosurgeons collaborate with other medical specialists to treat related conditions or illnesses such as working alongside an Oncologist to assess tumors of the brain and spine and consulting with a Vascular doctor/Phlebologist in regards to diseases of the veins of the brain and spine.

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