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About Family Doctors / G.P.s

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Family doctors, also known as General Practitioners and Family Practitioners, are typically the first point of contact when seeking health care and can provide a wide range of medical treatment and advice on illness from seasonal cold and flu through to chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes.

Family doctors are ‘dedicated to treating the whole person,’ according to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).  Services provided by family practitioners include everything from routine physical checkups and risk assessments as well as immunizations and screening tests.

Family doctors are trained, based on the symptoms and initial diagnosis of a patient, to identify ailment and refer them to specialists who can provide more advanced, targeted care for that specific illness or condition.

Due to the expansive training and knowledge they receive in a variety of areas of medicine, Family doctors also have the ability to provide help and advice in specialty areas such as heart disease and stroke, cancer and obstetrics. They can seek further training and specialization in major medical areas including PediatricsInternal medicine, Psychiatry, Neurology and Surgery.

Family doctors deliver care in a range of different environments from office and private practices to hospitals, emergency rooms and even Nursing homes.

Because Family doctors treat patients all the way through from to birth to old age, choosing the right doctor for yourself or your family is important in fostering an open and lasting partnership for the benefit of your health and your family’s.   

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