If You’re a Morning Person, You Have a Lower Risk of Breast Cancer, This Study Says

Wired to wake at 5 AM? Aside from getting some extra online shopping done and fitting in your exercise time, there’s now another benefit to being a morning person.

A study published in Britain’s medical journal, BMJ, describes how women who have a preference for mornings compared with evenings, (popularly known as ‘larks’), showed a slightly reduced risk of developing breast cancer over their lifetime.

Researchers were quick to stress that being a morning person betters your chances in the face of cancer only a bit. Staying up too late too often can be detrimental to your health, but it doesn’t raise your chances of getting breast cancer as much as being obese or drinking too much alcohol does.

Still, keeping a reasonable bedtime can be easier on your circadian rhythms. It’s been known for a while that women who work late-night shift work have an increased risk of developing breast cancer, but it’s not entirely known why. Some research has suggested that exposure to light at odd hours is somehow at play.

What else can help your health? Getting just enough rest. Sleeping more than the recommended 7 to 8 hours each night can also be potentially harmful for you, the study showed.

Professor Eva Schernhammer from the University of Vienna hailed the findings for identifying a need for future research. More needs to be understood about how we can reduce putting stress on our biological clock, and why it’s important.

Summer can be the perfect time to enjoy those long days. Pull the curtains though, and hit the sheets before it’s too late. Your beauty sleep matters.

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