Why Beet Juice is the Future of Dental Care

Why Beet Juice is the Future of Dental Care

With everyone’s propensity for in taking mass amounts of sugar, along with sub-par dental care, it isn’t surprising to hear 95% of the industrialized world has some form of tooth decay.

What is surprising is the potential solution students at the University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria have managed to concoct – ‘Bio Drachen Trank’, or roughly translated to ‘Organic Dragon Potion’.

The drink is being marketed as a way to combat tooth decay. What’s in the drink? Well, the researchers started with a basic premise: what foodstuff is most likely to make your teeth nice and healthy?

Red, syrupy beet juice probably isn’t the first thing to pop into your mind. Yes, those same beets that leave a red stain on anything it touches. You’d think a mouthful of beets would have you looking more like Nosferatu rather than someone with sparkling, movie-quality teeth.

But that’s the main ingredient in the students’ Organic Dragon Potion – a plethora of beets.

The university students realized that the high inorganic nitrate levels found in beets would be converted by the body into nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide not only prevents cavities, but literally stops tooth decay. The oxide inhibits the growth of acid-producing bacteria found in plaque, which is the primary cause of tooth decay.

In addition to the drinks’ positive effects on tooth decay, Bio Drachen Trank also contains the superfood aronia berry (a.k.a. chokeberry) and calcium, so it’s just a boon to your health generally.

While the occasional beet juice can be stomached for the well being of your teeth, let’s hope they don’t get carried away and come up with beet toothpaste or something.

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