Why Are Tourists Falling Ill in the Dominican Republic?

Why Are Tourists Falling Ill in the Dominican Republic?

While authorities investigate, travellers are anxious for answers.

You may have heard the news: numerous American tourists have either died in what seem to be sudden circumstances while visiting resorts in the Dominican Republic, or they have reported falling seriously ill while visiting the country. 

Is it a string of coincidences, or is some darker force at work?

It depends on what your read and watch. CNN has reported on numerous American numerous falling sick in the Dominican. According to VICE News.com, 

Nine out of 10 of the Americans who died in mysterious ways last year in the resort destination displayed physical signs of methanol poisoning.

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It’s suspected that counterfeit alcohol maybe at play, and that those who died consumed it from pool bars and mini bars in their hotel rooms. As Vice states, stick to the beer, and you could be in the clear. 

Other news sources such as The Hill.com feel that Americans dying abroad isn’t anything new. As an American Citizens Services Officer writes, 

“While I was in Spain, hundreds of Americans died. Those deaths were difficult and sad, but no one ever accused the Spanish government of being involved in a conspiracy to cover up the fact that people died in their country. In fact, more Americans died in the Dominican Republic in 2010 and 2015.”

Are the recent deaths something to stop traveling over? Maybe. However, it’s hard to say. Sip the juice, and juice only, and you should be good.

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