This New Device Can Identify Cancer Immediately

This New Device Can Identify Cancer Immediately

Pinpointing cancer and getting it out of patients’ bodies is now easier to do with increased accuracy.

It’s a miracle that we now have so many different ways to treat cancer. From radiation treatment to drugs, chemotherapy and surgery, there’s hope for patients courageously fighting their disease.

But that doesn’t mean that every cancer journey comes without some amount of fear. One of the biggest worries for many patients who need to undergo cancer surgery is that while doctors are doing their best to remove a tumor, there can be concern that some cancer will be left behind once the surgery is complete.

Of course, various methods exist to try and ensure that this doesn’t ever happen, but it’s possible. And so the development of a new pen that can detect cancer cells with 96% accuracy is a welcome development.

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Scientists at the University of Texas say the hand held device called the MasSpec Pen is an exciting new technology. It identifies cancer cells by releasing a drop of water on a cell.

Chemicals in the cell move into the drop of water, which is then sucked up into the pen. The pen is connected to something called a mass spectrometer, which can measure the mass of thousands of chemicals every second, and tell surgeons if the cell is cancerous or not.

Design of the pen still being refined and researchers are planning on putting the pen through clinical trials during operations next year.

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