This is Why You Should Take Your Shoes Off at the Door

This is Why You Should Take Your Shoes Off at the Door

Shoes have, (unsurprisingly), been found to be coated in bacteria. And you’re tracking it all into your home.

U.S vs Canada: there are more than a few subtle differences between the two countries. The U.S has innumerable amazing Mexican restaurants, and at my last count Canada has about, maybe two. If we’re lucky. There are beautiful palm trees that stand tall down south, and an icy landscape coats the North. Toll roads vs no roads, (well, Canada has some but there’s only one road that cuts clear across the country), and then there are shoes at the door: most Canadians I know take them off, and many Americans tend to leave them on. 

While Americans can be on the bright side of many issues, Canadians seem to have it right with this one.

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A study done at the University of Arizona found those who don’t take their shoes off at the door may be tracking bacteria into the home that can make you sick. 

The study found small amounts of bacteria on 97% of the shoes they tested. Everything from stuff that causes meningitis to bacteria linked to urinary tract infections, respiratory issues and pneumonia was detected. What was most prevalent? Fecal matter. Eww. E coli reigned supreme, likely due to all that time humans spend walking in the park, on sidewalks and in public bathrooms. 

Love your shoes? Take them off, and wear clean socks. It could add up to a healthier summer. 

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