This Hotel Chain Says It Can Help You Stay Committed to Wellness

This Hotel Chain Says It Can Help You Stay Committed to Wellness

EVEN Hotels fall somewhere between a spa or health retreat and a hotel, but really, it seems to fall more on the hotel side.

Staying at hotels and being on the road can make it hard to keep healthy. Great food can be hard to come by, as well as adequate workout space, and the motivation to keep at it while everything else is in upheaval.

But a new solution has appeared, called EVEN Hotels. This chain is self-described as a space that “helps you embrace wellness and even renew your motivation by giving you choices designed to help you stay on track.”


So, does it? Sort of. With these words, you would expect EVEN to fall somewhere between a spa or health retreat and a hotel, but really, it seems to fall more on the hotel side.

First, let’s start with the pros. What’s so different about EVEN? Unlike many conventional hotels- but not all- it offers open floor plans that make it easier to bring a bit of nature into your stay. Things like a patio out back with an open fire: something more than a balcony off your third floor room, looking at the mall parking lot.

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And then there’s the food. Certain specifications like the almighty request for gluten-free food and other must-haves are taken in stride. In fact, this hotel seems to almost EXPECT you to ask for something different- if you don’t, maybe something’s wrong.


And so, when it comes to your plate, everything is fully customizable. And this can be a big thing. Most hotels cringe at special orders, and often get them wrong. So, bonus points to EVEN for making alternative eating easy.

But what about the rest of the ‘differences’? When it comes to fitness, it’s true that EVEN offers more than your regular hotel with workout videos, guides and group fitness activities on-hand, but …that’s about it.

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It’s not like you’ve got a personal masseuse waiting to lengthen your wincing back after a hard day’s work.

Or revolutionary spa products waiting to be used in a footbath at the base of your in-room desk.

It’s all rather close to ‘regular’.


Even in the department of getting work done, EVEN doesn’t really stand out. The hotel boasts of having “free, dependable WiFi” but almost every hotel I’ve been to offers pretty dependable WiFi, as well as a desk to work at, in your own room. This is nothing novel.

(The fact that the WiFi is “free” isn’t really a seller. Most of us know that anything labeled as ‘free’ at a hotel is sure to be added into your overall bill somewhere).

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And so, on the whole, this is what it adds up to: if wellness is important to you, EVEN might help you feel more motivated to stay on track simply because you went to the effort to seek out a hotel that might help you do that, on the road.


Add to that the fact that you are likely surrounded by other guests who are also trying to do the same, and your positive force may double.

(Hey, you might actually make some new, like-minded friends).

But in truth, unless each EVEN hotel is located at the base of a natural waterfall with spa-like free products on offer in your room, a gratuitous massage with every stay, a chicken coop in the back to offer daily fresh eggs, solar panels to run the whole thing and meditation guides offering nightly chances to Zen out in silence next to an outdoor, naturally occuring hot mineral bath, I’d say you could skip it.


Your wellness isn’t going to actually be that much different than it would be staying at any other regular, middle-grade hotel. The only thing that really stands out for EVEN is its true respect for special dietary needs. But apart from that, it’s basically a regular hotel.

Trying to truly catch up on your wellness, and NOT be at work? Plan a vacation and get yourself to a retreat.

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