This Harvard Professor Says That Coconut Oil is Horrible For You

This Harvard Professor Says That Coconut Oil is Horrible For You

While it has some benefits, the truth is that this natural fat can still clog your arteries.

Super foods? There’s a new one around every corner- or so it seems. Avocados, blueberries, salmon, kale…the list is lengthy. But you may want to think twice if someone suggests you eat coconut oil.

Why? Let’s look first at its attributes, and why some people love it.

Coconut oil is said by some to help you burn fat more consistently in your body, even though it’s a fat itself. It’s also said to provide your brain and body with quick energy, and to raise your levels of good cholesterol.

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But this Harvard professor disagrees with the positive assessment. In fact, she goes so far as to say it’s ‘pure poison’.

Karin Michels of the department of epidemiology believes coconut oil is one of the worst foods out there. It’s rich in saturated fat, the ones that can give you heart problems and clog your arteries with plaque- and is made almost exclusively from them.

And so, at least in Michels’ view, it could be good to avoid eating it by the spoonful, adding it to your coffee or tea, putting it in your daily smoothies and mixing it in your yogurt like no tomorrow.

Cooking with coconut oil in moderation is OK, she says. It’s all about balance.

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