They’re Being Called a Superfood and the new Probiotic: Walnuts. Here’s Why

They’re Being Called a Superfood and the new Probiotic: Walnuts. Here’s Why

These nuts are full of benefits, and they go all the way down to your gut.

They’re fun to crack open with a nutcracker in your hand, but who knew walnuts came with so many side benefits? This study says the delicious hard snack is a super food and the next new way to improve your gut bacteria.

The research behind the findings was led by Lauri Byerley, PhD, RD, an associate professor of physiology at the Louisiana State University New Orleans School of Medicine.

We have to say that her work was partially supported by the California Walnut Commission, so the results should definitely be examined with a critical eye. The study did turn up some positive findings, though.

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By studying the results of eating walnuts by examining what it does to mice, researchers found the nuts increase several bacteria in the body including lactobacillus, something which is typically associated with probiotics.

Since walnuts are already a powerhouse snack that’s full of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants, this really seems to be icing on the cake. It is tasty icing, though.

So, grab a bag or box and crunch away. Grind them into your salads and cereal to add flare and fun, and you’re ready to go. By adding these nuts into your diet, experts say you’re not only improving your digestive health and your gut, but you’re also reducing your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and improving the health of your brain.

Walnuts are  a super-duper food and one you’re body will certainly love.

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