These 10 Diseases and Conditions Are Associated With Psoriasis

These 10 Diseases and Conditions Are Associated With Psoriasis

Your risk of multiple conditions rises with the disease.

Psoriasis is a skin condition affecting millions of people. It happens when the life cycle of skin cells at the surface speeds up, causing them to build up in scaly, red patches. While there is no cure, certain lifestyle adaptations could limit outbreaks, especially if you know you can identify your triggers. 

Looking to know more? Here are 10 other illnesses associated with the disease. 

1) Parkinson’s Disease

Patients with psoriasis are more likely than others to develop this neurological condition. 

2) Kidney Disease

Those with mild psoriasis needn’t worry, but if you suffer from moderate to severe psoriasis, you have an elevated risk of developing kidney disease, according to medical experts. 

3) Depression

Due to the disfiguring nature of the condition, you may find you feel depressed and withdrawn if you have it. 

4) Cardiovascular Disease

According to the Mayo Clinic, patients who suffer from psoriasis are twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease than those who don’t. 

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5) Type 2 Diabetes

The worse your psoriasis is, the greater your chance of developing type 2 diabetes. Why? Experts aren’t entirely certain. 

6) Uveitis

This inflammatory disease of the eye is connected with psoriatic arthritis. 

7) Cancer

Studies have shown that suffering from psoriasis increases your chances of developing nonmelanoma skin cancer and lymphoma. 

8) Crohn’s Disease

According to, about 10% of people with psoriasis also have Crohn’s Disease. Apparently, the two conditions appear in similar genetic mutations. 

 9) Osteoporosis

The longer you have psoriasis, the greater your chances are of developing osteoporosis, according to several studies. 

10) Liver Disease

Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFL) increases in those with the skin condition. 

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