Stay Hydrated for Better Sex in Your Senior Years

Stay Hydrated for Better Sex in Your Senior Years

Staying hydrated is important for your overall health, especially as you get older and become more susceptible to dehydration. It also can impact your sex life!

This occurs because your body’s water volume will decrease, and your body’s sensitivity to thirst will also decrease with age. And when dehydration strikes, you might experience symptoms that include fatigue, headache, constipation, dry skin, muscle cramps, dry mouth, and dizziness, as well as changes in your breathing rate, heart rate, and blood pressure. So you definitely want to avoid it!

But did you know that a lack of hydration could also adversely affect your sex life? It turns out that, if you want to enjoy better sex in your senior years, you should make it a point to drink more water. Keep reading to learn more about the interesting connection between hydration and enjoyable sex.

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Hydration Might Make Sex Less Painful

It is not uncommon for senior women to complain about sex being painful. Some women may even experience so much vaginal dryness that even lubricants may not do the trick when it comes to making sex pleasurable. If you fall into this category, though, consider how much water you drink every day. By increasing your water intake to around 60 or even 80 ounces per day, you may notice that your body’s natural lubrication improves and intercourse becomes less painful, or not painful at all.

Add Electrolytes

Simply drinking more water will help to hydrate your entire body, but if you want a boost, consider adding some electrolytes to your glass of water. You could do this easily by just adding a little bit of lemon juice to your water every now and then throughout the day. The electrolytes will help to prevent dehydration, and that could ultimately help your vagina remain moisturized and properly lubricated to make sex even more enjoyable. Combine that with the use of lubricants that are designed to help restore moisture and you could be well on your way towards better sex in no time.

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Avoid Too Much Caffeine and Alcohol

In addition to considering how hydrated your body is on a daily basis, you may want to consider how much alcohol you drink, as well as how much caffeine you consume. Remember, caffeine is found in beverages like tea and coffee, but you could also get it from foods like chocolate. Consuming too much caffeine or too much alcohol may adversely affect your vaginal fluids, so swap out some of those drinks with pure water and see if it makes a difference.

A Strategy That Is Worth Trying

Overall, if you want to see if increased water intake will help you feel more comfortable during sex, it’s easy to experiment. Keep track of how many glasses of water you drink throughout the day, and aim to get anywhere from 8 to 10 cups daily if you can. Give your body time to become fully hydrated, and see if you notice a difference. You may be surprised to find that the simple act of staying hydrated not only gives you more energy and makes you feel better on a whole, but also helps your sex life as well.

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