Sexting – Is it Good or Bad For Your Relationship?

Sexting – Is it Good or Bad For Your Relationship?

The word didn’t exist a mere thirty years ago and now it’s all the rage for both young and old alike. Is it good or bad? Read on.

A conclusive jury is out, but for those who worry about sexting destroying all true intimacy and ruining society’s young people, there’s good news.

A recent study completed by North Carolina State University has found that “sexting does not appear to pose a public health threat to America’s youth- so don’t panic”.

To be honest, there were some shortcomings, though. The study authors readily admitted that it was actually next to impossible to come up with clear results in their research as the field of studying the effects of texting on people’s relationships has yet to be clearly defined.

Nonetheless, the researchers seemed to feel that alarm bells can remain silent and we’re all going to survive, thrive and flourish even if we sext. And our sex lives will go on.

In fact, previous studies have indicated that sexting might even help them out.

Sexting can add excitement to a solid relationship.

Back in 2015, an article in Men’s Journal indicated that couples with a higher frequency of sexting also reported a greater level of sexual satisfaction, if the sexts they received were welcome.

Obviously, if you’re sending lewd messages to someone who doesn’t know you or isn’t interested in becoming intimate, your pics and images are barking up the wrong tree. It can damage any semblance of connection you might have had.

If you’re pretty sure that your partner will love a little smartphone love though, all’s good. Sext away. It can be a valuable tool for romantic relationships that need an extra boost, and a welcome bit of foreplay, experts say.

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