Here are Pinterest’s Top 9 Wellness Trends for 2018

Here are Pinterest’s Top 9 Wellness Trends for 2018

Last week, we highlighted the top 9 food trends Pinterest users identify as the foods that’ll dominate headlines in 2018.

This week, we searched Pinterest for more trends to look for next year, but directing our focus to wellness trends.

The newly-released list has something from every Pinner, including habits that benefit the mind, body, and soul; 61% of users say they surf the social network to find inspiration to be their best, healthiest self.

These are the wellness trends that should crowd Pinterest boards in 2018.

Just a gut feeling…

If you were around in 2017, you probably heard one or two things about gut bacteria.


Expect that trend to gain steam as the calendar turns, as more and more people are benefitting from the super health upsides of GI-friendly grub, including reduced inflammation. Digestive health will almost certainly be a buzzword in 2018 – get a head start with the best probiotic foods for your gut.

Strength > size

Pinners everywhere are hopping off the treadmill train, and onto the strength-training bandwagon.

And they’re not misguided – strength training not only builds muscle, but improves your balance, keeps your bones healthy, and helps you burn fat. It’s not about the slimming effects of exercise – it’s about the amazing things your body is capable of.

Let’s Clear the Air

If you eat clean, that’s good. Now, you should focus on breathing clean.

Air purifiers and plants that do the same task are items you should consider welcoming into your home next year. They’ll keep your rooms smoke, dust, and allergen-free, reducing their effects on the body.

The post-workout

We like to think of the post-workout, or cooldown, like an after-party: while it’s not the main event, it’s still a big deal – and sometimes more enjoyable.


The most optimal way to recover from tough workouts is eating the right foods and executing the correct cooldown stretches, outfitted in the best compression gear, to help you feel good fast.

Treat yo’ self

You treated your skin well in 2017, so now it’s time to do the same for your hair in 2018.

You can try making homemade, all-natural shampoo, or simply washing your hair less. Regardless of what you prefer, there’ll be plenty of ways to keep your hair healthy, soft, and shiny in the new year.

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Vitamins for bright skin

Incorporating just a few drops of vitamin C serum in your daily skincare regimen can reduce aging, thanks to vitamin C’s powerful antioxidant properties.

If bright, firm skin, fewer fine lines, and even more skin tone appeals to you, you’ll love serums like SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Serum ($165,, which will be more popular than ever in 2018.

The most underrated exercise


Forget yoga – the ancient Chinese practice of Tai Chi, which combines gentle, flowing movements with deep breathing and meditative thoughts, is all the rage with modern fitness freaks.

You can eat those?!

Did you dig essential oil diffusers as much as we did this year?

Pinners are taking their love of oil diffusers up a notch, as they’re finding ways to incorporate them into their diets, too. Remember, if you’re ingesting essential oils, they must be labeled as food grade – most essential oils aren’t safe for internal use!

The new prop on the block

Blocks? Na. Blankets? Boring.

Enter: the yoga wheel. The new fan favourite allows for deeper stretches and self-massages, and the prop is flexible for advanced, more challenging postures. Yogis on Instagram are already catching on to the Pinning trend!

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