All About the New Nike Pro Hijab

All About the New Nike Pro Hijab

It’s gone viral in the Middle East and viewers are contemplating its message: it’s an ad for Nike’s new controversial hijab.

The video advertising Nike new Pro Hijab depicts young Muslim women in sport and has been viewed over 3 million times on social media in just two days. It shows athletes jogging in the streets, skateboarding, leaping over roof tops and even boxing.

The women in the video are often not wearing any hijab at all, a point which has come under fire.

“Instead of promoting its product in a professional way, (Nike) replaced it with an anti-hijab ad, leave your hijab and jog in streets,” one person stated on Twitter.

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Whether Nike is pushing Muslim women to exercise and train without covering their heads remains unanswered, but what is for certain is this: the athletic wear Mogul has gotten everyone’s attention, which is sure to land it some solid sales.

The Nike Pro Hijab, which is designed for sport, addresses the issue that many Muslim women struggle with when trying to get active: how to remain covered on their head and stay comfortable.

Is the Pro Hijab novel? No. Other sports head coverings have existed for a while, and Nike is not entirely new to the game. Maryam Yusof writing for cites Capsters and the Friniggi sports hijabs as active head coverings that have been on the market for some time.


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It could be a matter of trial and error trying to figure out what’s best to use. What someone finds comfortable in one setting, others may not in another.

The faqs: Nike’s Pro Hijab took 13 months to design and consists of fabric that is breathable yet still opaque. It will hit the shelves in spring of 2018.

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