How to Move House With Alzheimer’s

How to Move House With Alzheimer’s

Living with dementia on a daily basis is a large enough challenge. Having to relocate someone amidst their confusion can be even harder.

Experts quoted on have some tips to offer.

If your family member becomes quite angry and agitated just before moving into a care facility for patients with dementia from their home, maybe it’s too early. Experts advise that you wait until the disease has progressed further. Take advantage of homecare options, and bide your time until the patient may be more cooperative and receptive to the idea.

Some individuals experience a crisis, such as a unpaid bills or an accident in the home. This makes them aware of their need for care. Others will simply become less aggressive over time.

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What can you do to prepare? Visit the new home before moving, and have your loved one take in some activities, and maybe a meal. Let them get comfortable with the new environment, and talk up the benefits. No laundry to do, and no cooking to worry about!

Let your loved one bring the decorations and furnishings they know well, with them. A favorite lamp, photographs for the walls and familiar knick knacks- these all will help to make the transition that much easier.

And finally, be aware that while many people do settle into their new home in time, some won’t ever. And it’s not your fault, but the disease and the trappings of older age.

If your loved one goes so far as to threaten to call the police on you, call them first. Make the authorities aware of your situation before a conflict arises.

In time it will get easier for you both.

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