Martin Shkreli, Meet Your New $1 Competition

Martin Shkreli, Meet Your New $1 Competition

A pharmaceutical company announced yesterday they’d be developing a drug similar to Daraprim, the AIDS drug that outrageously rose 5000% in price overnight.

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals is offering a “customizable, compounded formulation” of the two main components in the Turing Pharmaceuticals drug. Aimed at treating toxoplasmosis, an infection caused by a parasite, the new version of the pill will be available for less than a dollar a capsule, with a 100-pill bottle going for under $100.

Remember, Daraprim costs $750 per pill currently.

“While we respect Turing’s right to charge patients and insurance companies whatever it believes is appropriate, there may be more cost-effective compounded options for medications, such as Daraprim, for patients, physicians, insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers to consider,” said Mark L. Baum, CEO of Imprimis.

Imprimis is only just getting started with their version of Daraprim. The company plans to partner with third party insurers and buyers to implement a new program called ‘Imprimis Cares’. The endgame is to make over 7,800 FDA-approved generic drugs available at an affordable price.

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