The Mantras Top Health Influencers Live By

The Mantras Top Health Influencers Live By

If you’re looking for a saying to help you get through a tough week or for a spark of inspiration, these four health and wellness influencers shared the mantras they live by.

These are the phrases top health influencers Kirby Koo, Marti Gold Cummings, Elyse Fox, and Will Ahmed rely on to keep on trucking and focus on their goals.


Kirby Koo 

“Help yourself, and you will help the world.”

Koo says the phrase aligns with her ideology that everything begins and ends with each individual person. There’s something very consoling about that.

Marti Gold Cummings 

“I am determined, and I am afraid of nothing.”

Every decision we make in life is our own, Cummings explains, and we should be determined to follow through with the choices we make. Our decisions are a product of our own actions, and we can’t be afraid to face them, she adds. Her mantra also reminds her of her self-worth.

“I use that mantra to let myself know that I am worthy, I am loveable, and I am capable of giving and receiving love,” Cummings says.

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Elyse Fox 

“Everything will happen when it’s supposed to happen.”

Everyone’s been in a situation where they’ve followed a foolproof plan, only for it to unexplainably crumble.

“I can either take it out on myself or I can just say, ‘You know what, maybe this wasn’t the right time, maybe this wasn’t the right day, maybe tomorrow will be better,’” Fox says.

Will Ahmed 

“Find balance.”

Living in stressful times requires us to understand our stressors, and offset them with actions that make us calm. Exercise, meditation, and napping are three calming activities Ahmed recommends.

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