How Looking at a Sunset is Good for Your Mental Health

How Looking at a Sunset is Good for Your Mental Health

Taking in nature’s beauty can raise your positive outlook and your kindness.

Tired at the end of a long week? Stressed out by hurricanes, earthquakes and life in general? You could hit up the local bar with friends, or try something different… like catching a sunset.

Psychologists say that taking in the beauty of a sunset has many benefits. Not only is it good for your soul but the benefits of gazing at one may stick with you long after the sun has gone down.

Researchers have found that taking in beautiful sights in nature can make you more concerned with the well-being of others. describes how a study done by Jia Wei Zhang at the University of California, Berkeley, had participants take in pictures of nature scenes and then play a game. The game allowed players to keep the points for themselves or give them away to others.

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Those who had a chance to view beautiful images of nature were found to be more generous in the game than those who saw photos that weren’t so nice to look at.

Researchers have also found that people who feel connected with the beauty of nature are generally happier individuals. It could be that these people simply like to see the positive side in most things they encounter, but chances are sitting by a stunning mountainside and reveling in an equally gorgeous sunset could have something to do with it.

Don’t have a great view? Grab your boots and go forest bathing. It should be just as good.

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