It’s Children’s Eye Health Month

It’s Children’s Eye Health Month

Think they need glasses? Get their eyes checked as school starts.

Your kids’ eyes matter. August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, and it’s the perfect time to get schedule an eye appointment to ensure their sight is on track. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, school-aged children, (that’s starting somewhere between 3 to 5 years old), and adolescents should have their eyes examined at least every one to 2 years. 

If you have a family history of vision problems, or your doctor is concerned about some aspect of your child’s eyesight, follow their advice and seek appointments more frequently. 

What will a doctor be checking for? 

With an infant, your family doctor or pediatrician is usually looking to see that your child’s eyes are aligned properly. They’ll check for problems such as crossed eyes, misaligned eyes or lazy eye. 

When it comes to older kids, a range of eye problems can exist, as with any age.

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Most patients have healthy sight, but catching a vision problem before it’s too late means that it can often be treated. Vision can be saved. 

What’s common? Color blindness and near or far sightedness are disorders that your eye doctor might detect in your child, if present. 

Remember, it’s best to schedule healthcare appointments for children when they’re at their best. 

If possible, avoid the hours when they may be hungry and eagerly awaiting their next meal, due for a nap or generally tired at the end of the day. 

Bring toys, books or devices to help pass the time. We’ve all spent time waiting in medical offices! Wait times can be long. 

To help young children relax before their visit, consider reviewing a video of a visit to the eye doctor. This can give them an idea of what might happen, if it’s their first appointment. 

Stay by their side for comfort and information during your stay. And last but not least, consider glasses a new fashion accessory, if prescribed.  Embrace the change and set up a shopping date!

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