It Isn’t Gone Yet: The Second Wave of Flu Season Has hit

It Isn’t Gone Yet: The Second Wave of Flu Season Has hit

One strain of the illness is dying out, while another is on the rise experts say.

It’s a bit nippy outside this week in places across the country, and some locales are even expecting more snow as we speak. Honestly, hopefully it’s winter’s final, last-blast effort at scaring us.

For the most part though, we’re heading uphill into spring and one of the great things about this is that we finally get to leave flu season behind us. Right?

Not yet. Experts are warning that you shouldn’t put away those scarves and mittens just yet, as a second wave of the flu virus is just getting comfy and on the rise.

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The CDC warns that a wave of influenza B on the rise, just as influenza A is petering off. Influenza B tends to be more difficult for younger children to fight off, and parents should still be vigilant when it comes to getting kids the care they need, when they fall sick.

This March, 5 children died from complications related to the flu, bringing this year’s total up to 133, nationwide. Widespread flu activity was reported in 17 states last month and it looks like the season will continue for a while.

What can you do to stay safe?

Get your flu shot, which reduces your risk of being totally blown over by the virus, and can reduce your recovery time. (Many of the people who’ve died from the flu this year didn’t get their shot).

Also, consider following these common sense tips, and get the rest you and your family needs.

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