Easy Ways to Take Sugar Out of Breakfast

Easy Ways to Take Sugar Out of Breakfast

Sugar is hidden in so many foods, you probably have no idea how much your kids are taking in. You’d be shocked.

It’s no surprise but it’s fact: our kids are eating too much sugar and especially at breakfast.

Dr. Robert Lustig even goes so far as to call sugar “the alcohol of the child” in this article posted by the Globe and Mail. He says that many kids are getting half their full day’s sugar intake at breakfast, with the tendency parents have of feeding their kids cereal and a glass of juice.

Kids are eating up to half their daily intake of sugar at breakfast.

Even if you think it’s “healthy” cereal, you’re likely fooling yourself. Raisin Bran is actually one of the worst culprits topping out at a whopping 19g of sugar per serving.

Since it’s recommended that kids get about 25 g of sugar A DAY, it’s easy to see how the first meal of the day is already setting them up for nutritional failure.

(And btw, giving your kids something like Nutella on toast and a glass of orange juice could be even worse, as it can amount to the same thing as having a can of Coke plus a couple of sugar cubes).

Changing the Menu

Kids are eating up to half their daily intake of sugar at breakfast.

What should they be eating, then? Do we need to follow other cultures and eat things like soup and kimchi for breakfast? Undoubtedly that would be healthier. A complete change of course isn’t necessary though when it comes to taking out sugar, just some easy tweaks and a step back to tradition.

Here are some ideas: eat some eggs for breakfast. Eggs on toast is a wholesome, filling way to start the day. Or, grab some oatmeal. NOT the kind in those pre-made packets, though! Those will fill the pyramids with sugar, for sure.

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I’m talking rolled oats in a bag, spooned into a bowl and put in the microwave with milk. About 4 big spoonfuls can do the trick, and 1 minute, 30 seconds in the microwave.

Add a banana or an orange on the side and it’s done. Drink some water to refresh your system and you’re ready for the day. For more healthy, simple breakfast ideas check out Buzzfeed.com.

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