How This Woman’s Hair Tie Almost, Sort Of, Killed Her

How This Woman’s Hair Tie Almost, Sort Of, Killed Her

So your hair tie is bothering you? Put it on your wrist, right? Sure. And make a trip to the emergency room.

This week, Audree Kopp from Louisville, Kentucky, had to go to the hospital for help-surgery!- after her glittery hair tie caused a massive bump to appear on her wrist.

According to reports, doctors originally thought they could treat Kopp’s condition with antibiotics, but when that didn’t garner any results the professionals had to turn to surgery.

They had to drain the puss from the wound that was the size of a quarter, physically.

“I thought it was a spider bite or something, not from hair ties,” Kopp originally told WLKY. “It kept getting bigger, redder and worse.”

Doctor Amit Gupta operated on Kopp.

“I made an incision and drained the puss down to the deeper levels of the skin,” Gupta is reported as saying. “You can’t put all these hair ties around the wrist, particularly because it can cause problems with the skin.”

A report on states that doctors suspect bacteria from a glittery hair tie got under Kopp’s wrist through her pores and hair follicles last week, causing three types of infections.

Kopp is thankful that things were caught in time, as she could have developed sepsis, a potentially life-threatening complication caused by an infection.

Sepsis happens when chemicals released into the bloodstream to fight an infection trigger inflammatory responses throughout the body that can result in multiple organ systems failing at once, leading to death. Sounds like it’s time for a hair cut.






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