How the Extreme Cold Affects Your Metabolism

How the Extreme Cold Affects Your Metabolism

Cold, researchers believe, can have a significant effect on your weight.

Need a new approach to shedding those holiday pounds? Why not try some spending time in freezing winter temperatures-or even moderate ones- which aren’t hard to grab right now, in some areas of North America.

A study done back in 2014, involving multiple countries, showed that when you’re regularly exposed to mild cold, you can lose fat.

A team from Japan found that your body fat decreases if you spend 2 hours each day for about 6 weeks living in an environment that’s just 62.6 degrees F, (17 degrees Celsius).

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Furthermore, a research group from the Netherlands discovered that your body gradually gets used to colder temperatures over time. Study participants who spent six hours a day in the cold for 10 days increased their brown fat, a type of fat that burns white fat and helps in weight loss. The participants then felt more comfortable and shivered less when in colder temperatures.

“Indoor temperature in most buildings is regulated to minimize the percentage of people dissatisfied,” the researchers wrote. “This results in relatively high indoor temperatures in wintertime…By lack of exposure to a varied ambient temperature, whole populations may be prone to develop diseases like obesity.”

Is it true, our warm, cozy workplaces and home partly responsible for our expanding waistlines?

It’s worth a try. Keep the heat on during this cold front and stay warm. But maybe not too warm.

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