How Researchers Are Looking at Using Love to Treat Drug Addicts

How Researchers Are Looking at Using Love to Treat Drug Addicts

Experts are looking at the hormone produced by breast feeding, to treat addicts, because anything that can help matters.

Getting an addict off of drugs can seem impossible to do. It’s not, but it can take many attempts, a lot of forgiveness and definitely some love.

Which is interesting because scientists are looking at using just that to help addicts avoid relapse: love hormones.

Researchers from the University of St. George’s of London are considering how oxytocin could help treat people addicted to drugs.

Taking drugs usually activates pathways of pleasure in the brain, which is why people use and abuse substances.

A person seeking help and trying to come off of them though, has a tough ride and the chances of relapse are high.

Scientists are considering using oxytocin to treat drug addicts.

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Programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous can be successful in helping addicts resist a relapse, and researchers think this is due to the social support these programs offer.

Going one step further, they also have concluded that giving addicts the ‘drug’ that the human body naturally releases to promote social behavior and emotions -oxytocin- might also help addicts stay clean.

Oxytocin is commonly associated with childbirth and breast feeding, but it actually has multiple psychological effects.

Scientists haven’t yet conducted clinical trials to see how and if dosing people with oxytocin does anything.  They do, however, believe the evidence is strong.

So, if you still feel that what the world needs now, is love, sweet love, you could be right.

The study dealing with the concept is entitled, “Oxytocin and opioid addiction revisited: Old drug, new applications”, and was published in British Journal of Pharmacology.

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