How Brushing Your Teeth Can Get You a Better Sex Life

How Brushing Your Teeth Can Get You a Better Sex Life

Brushing your teeth obviously gives you fresh(er) breath, which can result in better chances at engaging in sex. Your gum health has something to do with how likely you are to get it on.

Everyone prefers fresh breath to stagnant, stinky strains, at least among the crowd I know.

But it’s not just the smell of your breath that can affect your sex life.

How? According to science, your gums and how healthy they are also has something to do with how likely you are to get it on.


Researchers from The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University in China recently conducted a study involving gum disease and erectile dysfunction.

And they found out that having chronic gum disease is linked with men being unable to perform in bed. Interesting.

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Erectile dysfunction is linked with many other risk factors such as diabetes, smoking and just aging in general, but this is one of the few times that having bad gums has come into play.


“It might still be too early to suggest that men with ED should have their teeth checked; and that men with chronic periodontitis should worry about their sexual function,” said senior study author Dr. Zhigang Zhao. “However, it might be beneficial to inform patients with chronic periodontitis about its association with ED.”

That could be true, as reports that a study published in 2013 found that treating periodontitis-gum disease- can actually improve erectile dysfunction symptoms.

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The study just done recently in China analyzed the gums and sex life of men of a variety of ages.

The team came to its conclusion because it found that erectile dysfunction was more common among men being treated for chronic gum disease, especially for those individuals who were younger than 40 years old, or 60 years of age and older.

How else can brushing your teeth improve your sex life?

Well, there are a variety of ways. Some studies say brushing regularly can decrease your chance of experiencing a stroke. Others indicate that having clean teeth decreases your risk of succumbing to respiratory disease and still others, a heart attack.


And anything that keeps you healthier, is likely to keep you happier as well, and thus able to participate in all aspects of life with more, shall we say, ‘verve’.

Also, on the social side, if you’re single, there’s always a remote chance of meeting your life partner while perusing the various varieties of dental floss, mouthwash, and smile whitening toothpastes while shopping at the drug store.

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Or, it could even happen on the way to the bathroom. You’re at the local diner with friends, you make your way back to freshen up after a fantastic burger and salad, with a side of great conversation, and…BAM. That’s her.


Never say ‘never’. But it ain’t gonna happen without some brushing.

So grab a tool, electric or manual, and some quality paste and check out these famous couples who met each other while brushing their teeth.

And while you’re at it, why not learn about all the reasons why, back in 2010, Jessica Simpson didn’t brush her teeth every day. Gross, Jessica.



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