Here Are the Top 4 Family Doctors in Vancouver, Canada

Here Are the Top 4 Family Doctors in Vancouver, Canada

Mountains, ocean, skiing, kayaking, hiking, amazing Asian dining and fresh seafood set Vancouver apart as one of Canada’s greatest urban centres. Often rated as one of the best cities in the world in terms of quality of life, you can be sure to find top medical help in this warm metropolis on the West Coast.

Check out this list of the Top 4 Family Physicians in Vancouver—June, 2016, who have claimed their profiles on

Dr. Bryn Hyndman

Dr. Bryn Hyndman 5 Stars

“Private medicine at Qi Integrated Health offers private medical care for those individuals and families looking for more – more consultation time, more non-pharmaceutical choices, more treatment options, more rapid access for same day appointments and prompt referrals. We also design comprehensive, advanced corporate wellness programs that result in measurable improvements to the bottom line.” –Dr. Bryn Hyndman,

Dr. Bryn Hyndman has dual training as a naturopathic doctor and as a registered doctor with the CCFP (Canadian College of Family Practitioners). She obtained her medical training at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, St. Matthew’s University in the Cayman Islands and the University of Ottawa.
What Her Patients Say:

“Dr. Hyndman is a kind, compassionate person who is extremely knowledgable and listens to her patients needs. I am lucky to have found such an amazing Doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Hyndman.” *****

“Understanding, empathetic, knowledgeable, willing to listen all are qualities that Dr Hyndman brings to the table. She takes her patients concerns seriously, will research the best solutions for her patients, and follows through with recommendations. Dr Hyndman is able to analyze information to draw conclusions that will work for each individual patient taking into account the patients views on treatment too. Her functional medicine background means that prescription meds are not always the answer and alternative therapies are also considered. Dr Hyndman is fantastic both as a person and physician and anyone would be lucky to have her work with them, to keep them or bring them back to health.” *****

“Bryn is an incredible physician. She’s kind, empathetic, a great listener and very proactive. She thinks out of the box and takes time to find the root of the problem and doesn’t just prescribe a med. I can’t say enough positive things about this doctor.” *****

“Dr. Hyndman is amazing! She took the time to really dig into my condition and even went so far as to call the company that made the supplement she prescribed to check that it was ok for me to take given the other supplements that I am on. So thorough!” *****

male-doctorDr. Harshbir S. Toor 5 Stars

Dr. Harshbir S Toor MD
6408 Main Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dr. Hashbir S. Toor obtained his medical training from Ross University School of Medicine and completed his residency in Family Medicine in USA.  He is dual board certified in United States and Canada.

What His Patients Say:

“I have seen him a few times and I have to say he is an extremely kind and knowledgeable doctor. I’ve had quite a few health issues and have seen many doctors and he is by far the best. Genuinely cares about his patients. Would highly recommend him.” *****

“He’s extremely knowledgeable, helpful and kind. Was patient with me in helping me understand my diagnosis and explained it very clearly. He helped me feel comfortable and relaxed, without trying to rush the appointment like some doctors. The secretaries were sometimes a little hard to understand, but I would definitely recommend him!” *****

female-doctorDr. Shannon Trainor 4.5 Stars

Khatsahlano Medical Clinic

CBI Care Point Medical Centres

Dr. Shannon Trainor obtained her medical training at University College Dublin and at Western University in Ontario. She is a member of the Federation of Medical Women of Canada, the North American Menopause Society and the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

What Her Patients Say:

I saw Dr. Trainor at a walk-in clinic today. She was warm, and friendly, and took the time to listen to me. I would definitely seek her out again.” *****

 I am a 67 yr. old male who rarely visits a doctor until a history of mining and horse related injuries plus a number of bouts with a pneumonia & flu type bug have started to catch-up with me (due to age). I have had occasion to visit a walkin clinic a # of times in the last 2 years. Of the 4 doctors in the clinic I saw, she was the only one who was thorough, took her time to ask & explain (including history) and was knowledgeable. The other 3 (especially 1 male doctor) were not interested in the problems but only in getting the patient production line going.” *****

“Dr. Trainor is young and refreshing. She is caring and takes her time with you. I would highly recommend her.” *****

“First time meeting Dr. Trainor. She was incredibly professional while still being personable. Made me feel very comfortable and was knowledgeable about all my questions. Would absolutely recommend!” *****

Dr. Janet IpDr. Janet Ip 4 Stars

Dr. Janet Ip MD Family Physician

3029 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dr. Janet Ip completed her medical training at the University of British Columbia.  She currently holds a family practice in Vancouver, with a special focus on dermatology. Dr. Ip is also a clinical instructor with the UBC Department of Family Practice, as well as a medical consultant for various publications including Canadian Health, Today’s Parent, and Parents Canada.

What Her Patients Say:

“Dr. Ip is one of the best doctors I’ve had. She is patient, thorough, knowledgeable and she listens. I always feel heard, taken care of and respected. I highly recommend her.” *****

Dr. Ip has been my doctor for over 10 years. She has never failed to help me through many medical issues and has always given sound, thorough, and logical advice and kind support. She is the best doctor I have had.” *****

“Dr. Ip is simply amazing. She is very busy, but never makes you feel rushed or less important than any other patient. She was well worth the almost 3 years it took me to find a family doctor.” *****

“We have been seeing Dr. Ip for a few years and found her very helpful for our entire family.” *****



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