Here Are the Best Devices to Use When Living With Low Vision

Here Are the Best Devices to Use When Living With Low Vision

From scanners to magnifiers, large print devices and appliances that talk to you, solutions abound.

Suffering from low vision can be frustrating and difficult. You may find it hard to read, to watch a screen and to get around as easily as someone with full vision does.

It may be the case that your vision won’t correct itself in the future. But it’s not all bad news. There is a wide variety of devices to assist you in dealing with daily life, so that you can stay connected with the activities you love and remain informed and independent.

For starters,  there are magnifiers. Screen magnifiers and video magnifiers can be of great use in ensuring that you don’t give up using computers, cell phones and tablets as useful tools in your life.

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Large print keyboards can also help when it comes to continuing to compute with ease.

Scanning and reading appliances can make reading from print materials easier, as can telemicroscopic glasses and hand held telescopes.

Sometimes the greatest trouble comes when dealing with other tools and appliances. Talking items such as watches, timers, blood pressure cuffs, and blood sugar machines work by giving you information verbally. This means that viewing the displays accurately isn’t a must.

Large size buttons for your TV remote controls, as well as on your phone and thermostat can also be of use.

For more tips on maintaining your independence while living with low vision, check out the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

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