Fussy Babies and Postpartum Depression: Know the Signs

Fussy Babies and Postpartum Depression: Know the Signs

Loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating and mood swings can all indicate that you’re having a hard time.

Some babies are definitely higher maintenance than others. If your infant allows you to walk across the kitchen and grab a glass of milk without crying out in protest, count yourself lucky.

On the other hand, if your child cries and wails the moment you set him or her down, you know which camp you sit in: fussyland.

Caring for a baby who whines or cries incessantly can be truly draining. A national study done at the University of Michigan found it can be so challenging that it causes greater depressive symptoms in new parents.

The research done included data drawn from more than 8,200 children and parents, and found that parents of fussy babies born close to full term or full term were about twice as likely to report feeling moderately to severely depressed when compared with parents of less irritable babies who born at the same gestational age.

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So, how do you know if you’ve got a textbook “fussy baby”? Losely, the internet defines it as having a baby that cries and whines if it’s not being held.

Symptoms of postpartum depression can occur in both mothers and fathers. They include having difficulty bonding with your baby, crying, (coming from the parents this time), losing your appetite, insomnia, experiencing overwhelming feelings of fatigue, having mood swings and withdrawing from friends and family.

If you have difficulty soothing your baby, experts recommend that you mention it to your doctor. They may not have the cure for your child, but they may have connections with support resources that can help make daily living easier for you.

Early intervention can reduce your risk of falling depressed and improve the relationship you’re developing with your child. It gets easier, but if it feels too hard now, seek help.

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