For Valentine’s Day: Surprise Them With One of These 4 Best Sex Retreats

For Valentine’s Day: Surprise Them With One of These 4 Best Sex Retreats

If you’re looking for that special place with time to reconnect, check out these sex retreats that are guaranteed to get you thinking, feeling… and acting.

Becoming truly intimate with your partner is wonderful. But Life can be so busy and full of distractions, that it doesn’t happen. Having to accomplish everything daily from Monday to Friday can tap you dry of resources when it comes to connecting on a deeper level.

So why not set some time aside? This Valentines’ Day treat yourself and your special someone to a sex retreat.

Here are 4 of the best in the U.S:

1) Intimacy Retreats


At Intimacy Retreats you and your partner can indulge in a romantic vacation with workshops for couples.

“Learn to express and experience your sensual love for one another, through an intimate connection that embraces your emotional and physical being as well as your spiritual wholeness. Tantra, the ancient art of love, awaits you,” the company’s website reads.

Participants can retreat in Florida and Costa Rica and also from time to time at other locations throughout the U.S.

Experience classes run by Diana & Richard Daffner, two certified sexologists affiliated with the Midwest Institute of Sexology. Click here to read more about this dynamic duo and what they have to offer.

2) Hai Global


Participants who visit The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) Global get to experience retreats in love, intimacy and sexuality.

The idea is to immerse yourself in workshops that share a safe environment. These encourage participants to work through their hang ups around intimacy and step into a space where they can truly express themselves.

You can attend workshops as a single or a couple.

3) Couples Therapy Inc.


Couples Therapy Inc. is sexier than it sounds. You and your partner can enjoy one-on-one marriage retreats, working with professional, licensed therapists helping you to reconnect.

Both couples intensive retreats and sex therapy retreats are offered, so you get to focus on emotions and also the physical.

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Address low sex drive, how sex is initiated and refused and furthermore, problems related to sexual functioning. All of this with a private sex therapist.

4) Tantric Retreat


Tantric Retreat offers couples a route towards a tantric relationship. The website says,

“Tantra encourages couples to cultivate and expand soul-filled sexuality. Couples are gently supported to expand their ability to move through limiting beliefs, blocks and fears, and create more fulfillment, depth and pleasure in all aspects of their relating.”

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You can participate in retreats for men, women, or couples. Be taught and encouraged to use ancient meditation techniques to step into your own power.

Participants are taught to harness their own sexual energy as fuel to open up their heart to the possibilities that await, so that each individual can connect with their own “inherent divinity”.

5) Orgasmic Enlightenment Retreat


Kim Anami runs this highly sexual retreat out of Mexico and Bali. It’s expensive. Heads up. For thousands of dollars, you get to stay in coastal huts and learn all about what makes you tick- from the inside out.

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Let the jungle entice you as you dip into undiscovered realms of intimacy. Definitely for the sexually curious- here’s the proof.





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