Emergency Preparedness: Here’s What You Should Have in Your Cupboards

Emergency Preparedness: Here’s What You Should Have in Your Cupboards

Important phone numbers, first aid kits, food and water top the list when it comes to any emergency.

If and when an emergency strikes, you want to be prepared. At the very least, having some useful items on hand can make you feel a bit more in the driver’s seat, amidst the chaos.

So, what should you have readily available? The National Safety Council is celebrating Safety Month this June and has a whole list of tips to follow. This includes getting ready for an earthquake, flood, hurricane or tornado striking your area.

Every disaster is unique, but there are some general suggestions to follow. Make sure you have a family communication plan in place, the council states. Everyone in your family should review it and know where it’s kept. This includes having a list of emergency contacts on hand, household information and emergency meeting places listed.

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You should also know your evacuation route and shelter plan. And ensure you write down or memorize the phone numbers of family members, so that you can stay in contact, if possible.

Most importantly, have an emergency kit ready in your car and at least 3 days of food and water stored in your home.

What about important documents? Items such as birth certificates and insurance policies should be kept them in a fire-proof safe or a safety deposit box.

And at least one person in your family should know how to perform CPR, and be aware of how to shut off the utilities, if needed.

Stay safe, and be prepared. For further tips on specific emergency situations, follow this link.

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