Eating This One Food Every Morning Could Flatten Your Belly

Eating This One Food Every Morning Could Flatten Your Belly

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for both energy and weight management.

You know how it fuels the former, but may not be aware of its importance towards the latter.

A balanced breakfast comprised of a healthy mix of proteins, fats, carbs, fiber, and anti-inflammatory foods provides a boost of nutrients, and keeps your stomach from rumbling by 10 a.m. Plus, it’ll keep your stomach from growing; the combination of fiber, carbs, and antioxidants keeps your waistline in check.


One food that should be a staple in the breakfast mix is a couple of trusty eggs, says Stacy Goldberg, RN, a nutritionist at savorfull. She suggests cooking two omega-3 enriched eggs in one teaspoon of olive oil. ‘And yes, you should eat the yolks!’ she says.

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Along with the ample amounts of vitamin D and biotin, the protein in egg yolks keeps your stomach feeling full and satiated all day. In other words, eggs in the morning will curb you from the temptations of sugary, fattening office snacks when the midday lull rolls in.

To inspire your mornings, try pairing your eggs with whole wheat bread, spinach (or another leafy green), and a bowl of berries for a well-balanced start to your day.

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