4 of the Coolest Spin Classes You Need to Try

4 of the Coolest Spin Classes You Need to Try

Are you a die-hard spin cyclist? Then you NEED to check out these state-of-the-art cycling studios that are sure to have your head spinning!

For a lot of folks, spin classes have become their primary source of cardio & exercise.

And who can blame them? Indoor cycling is a fantastic form of exercise, and there’s definitely a fun factor involved (there has to be a reason why national spin studios like Flywheel and SoulCycle have cult-like followings).

To bank on the popularity of spin classes, as well as attempt to usurp the two kings of spins, new studios have begun sprouting up, offering spin classes like you’ve never been to before.

From underwater cycling to supportive IMAX screens, here are the coolest spin classes you have to try if you’re a cycling fan.

Peloton Cycle

This New York City studio has a bit of everything: metrics rides, theme rides (costume-friendly, too), and live DJ rides. While they may not appeal to everyone’s tastes, we can appreciate the variety in the workouts, keeping customers keen on what the new cycle gimmick is.


If you’re not in the Big Apple, or can’t make a class, Peloton Cycle live streams each class, meaning you can join in wherever WI-FI can be had (so, no cycling underground or in elevators, we suppose), or you can access over 4,000 on-demand classes.

All you’ll need for the domestic approach is a $1,995 bike, and the $39/month subscription – pretty accessible, eh?

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Underwater Spin

unique-spinning-classesThey say swimming is arguably the best all-around form of exercise, working out muscles in the body you didn’t think you had. A large part of the benefits of swimming comes from the water itself, and the natural resistance it provides.

Underwater Spin utilizes that principle in its unique studio where their equipment is submerged. Members get belly-deep in H2O and pedal against that resistance for an epic, full-body toning.

As an added bonus, H2O workouts are easier on your joints, too.


Ever want to be in a movie?

Well this is kind of close: IMAX Shift offers members a studio filled with ginormous IMAX screens in front of the exercise area, where cyclers can immerse themselves in the on-screen action while they work. Imagine pedalling across the solar system, or through the streets of Japan, or even alongside Beyoncé! (Hey, we all have our preferences).


The two downsides: it’s only available in N.Y.C., and there’s no easily-accessible popcorn.

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The Pursuit by Equinox 

For cyclers that perform better when the competition intensifies, Equinox gyms are now offering the Pursuit program.


The experience takes elements from gaming (e.g., An on-screen orb that expands with your power gains), making a competitive atmosphere through the digital leader board that gauges your performance vs. your studio cycling peers.

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