Why You Should Consider Joining a Fitness Class this Fall

Why You Should Consider Joining a Fitness Class this Fall

Tired of running around the same old block? Bored with the usual sets of dumbbells?

Then it may be time to expand your horizons and join a fitness class this fall! From large gyms to small, you’re sure to find a class that can help you meet your personal fitness and wellness goals.

One of the more popular options today is the the multi-discipline class — two or more activities woven into the same workout session, designed to keep fitness fun as well as challenge participants and avoid workout ruts.


For example, one more advanced program utilizes the high-calorie burning technique of high-intensity interval training and applies it to strength training moves using only your body weight. By nothing more than your own body weight, rather than workout equipment, you can get through moves easily, and you’ll be more motivated to do so (no one wants to put the weights back where they found them).

Other creative fitness classes you can sign up for range from various forms of dance, so you get a cardio workout as you learn different styles, to other mashups that may focus on burning maximum calories, or building lean muscle, or increasing stamina, all while keeping you engaged.

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Some clever fitness gurus have gone so far as to offer their own combination classes, like mixing Pilates with boxing and dance, or weight-training with aerobics.

Just remember that a lot of these classes are high-energy that really push your heart rate, so be sure you’re easing into them. You may need to go at a slower pace than your fellow classmates at first, since the level of intensity will be new to you. But stick with it, and you’ll surely find fitness classes add to your motivation to workout. Dare we say, you may even look forward to getting fit!

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