Classifying the Worst Types of People: Gym Edition – Part 1

Classifying the Worst Types of People: Gym Edition – Part 1

There’s more than one reason why people aren’t too keen on spending their precious workout time at the public gym.

Some of the reasons include: people.

Getting your butt to the gym is an exercise in itself – and it becomes that much more discouraging when you’re met with masses of meatheads, or people getting up in your workout grill in search of the perfect gym selfie.

We know you’re going to the gym for the right reasons – to boost your health, get in shape, and improve your vitality. So don’t throw in the gym towel just yet. To make your gym, or venue of exercise, a workable space, we’ll help you identify common gym personalities, how they break the unwritten rules of the gym, and why you should avoid them.

The Grunter.

You may not notice them upon arrival, but once they hit the weights, the distinct cry of The Grunter signals a disturbance in the gym.

The best answer to an ‘I’m about to poop my pants’ sound, the Grunter gives new meaning to the term ‘beast mode’.


To be clear, we have no problem when you’re emitting sounds during your max-press – that’s difficult to control, and is simply the result of pressure built up in the abdomen from holding your breath. Grunts can also be the result of proper breathing techniques, stabilizing the core in order to generate additional power.

It’s when the grunts start sounding like there’s a barn nearby that irks other gym-goers. If you’re struggling to rep the weights you’re using without giving off prehistoric sounds, drop to a lighter load where you can control your body & noise levels better.

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The Hoarder.

You’re probably familiar with the show Hoarders, and the type of person featured in each episode – a gym hoarder is no different.

Instead of countless boxes of old Sears catalogues from decades ago, gym hoarders are notorious for settling into one spot (usually in front of a mirror/reflective surface), and keep all the dumbbells, weights, and other equipment around them.


They’ll be defensive, saying they’re ‘using all the things’, despite the fact no person can do 10 exercises at once.

Don’t be a hoarder at your local gym; avoid stockpiling by shortening your workout circuits, and only take weights you’re using at that moment.

The Exhibitionist.

Sometimes, a distraction is helpful when you’re agonizing through a final set of difficult reps.

Other times, like when you encounter The Exhibitionist, it’s just a plain ol’ distraction.


Overexposure at the gym – such as working out ‘sans undergarments’ – is actually quite common, and it shouldn’t be. Same deal with shirts – they should be on, and hopefully clean.

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“We have a shirts-on policy for men and women,” says Kelly Starrett, founder of San Francisco CrossFit.

“As a practical matter, it keeps people’s sweat from dripping all over our gym. More importantly, the gym should be a place that feels welcoming and inclusive, and not a place the few super jacked people can show off their six-packs.”

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