If You Choose Not to Vaccinate, Do These 4 Things

If You Choose Not to Vaccinate, Do These 4 Things

Vaccinating your child against diseases is the best way to protect them from possible deadly complications. If for some reason you choose not to vaccinate however, as the experts say, know your responsibilities.

Without being vaccinated, your child is at risk of falling ill with serious sicknesses like measles, and of infecting others if they do, such as infants who are too young for vaccinations.

It’s wise to:

1) Inform Caregivers

If your child attends school, goes to daycare or is ever cared for by someone other than yourself, the caregivers should know your child is vulnerable to catching a vaccine preventable disease.

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2) Inform All Medical Staff

Any hospital, urgent care facility, doctor or nurse who cares for your child when sick should know their vaccine status. This can help them be on the lookout for symptoms that may not be common in other children.

3) Always Isolate

If and when your child should fall sick with a vaccine preventable disease, make sure to isolate them until they’re recovered. This is for the benefit of others. People fighting cancer, the elderly, infants too young for vaccines-essentially anyone with a suppressed immune system- is at a high risk of developing severe complications, should they catch your child’s vaccine preventable illness.

4) Take Extra Precaution When Traveling

Certain vaccine preventable diseases are more prevalent in other areas of the world, where vaccines aren’t easy to obtain. Review disease information on your destination before going in order to protect your family.

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