Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver Hopes to Meet Justin Trudeau to Talk Childhood Obesity

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver Hopes to Meet Justin Trudeau to Talk Childhood Obesity

Celebrity chef and food activist Jamie Oliver is hoping to meet Canadian P.M. Justin Trudeau to discuss the country’s plan to combat childhood obesity.

The popular British chef and TV personality is in Toronto this week promoting his new book, ‘Super Food Family Classics’. He says it’s looking “pretty good” that him and Canada’s leader will have a sit-down on Thursday.

“He’s reached out before, which is really nice,” Oliver said Tuesday.

Oliver has always been a loud healthy food advocate, and is outspoken on the lack of healthy food options for kids around the world. His “Food Revolution” initiative is all about engaging that debate, and spurring change “in the way our children access, consume and understand food.”

Though Oliver would like to meet with Trudeau as it coincides with his book plugging in Toronto, he’s been keen on Canadian health issues since Trudeau was elected into office this time last year.

At the time, he said he hoped the new government would devise an innovative approach to child health. He even insisted that Canada could be a leader on this issue.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver wants to talk about childhood obesity with Canadian P.M. Justin Trudeau.

“For the people that care around the world we’re all really excited about Canada,” Oliver said.

“We’re all watching what Justin does and … certainly from the outside looking in it seems like he’s making all the right noises. This is really exciting for us.

“And of course if he does it, then other countries follow.”

Oliver may receive his first bit of good news on the Canadian front soon. Conservative Sen. Nancy Greene Raine introduced a bill last week that would end selling and advertising of junk food and sugary drinks to children in Canada. The bill is presently under review by the Canadian parliament.

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