Can a Genetic Test Predict Your Response to Medications?

Can a Genetic Test Predict Your Response to Medications?

This lab in Virginia says it can, but the FDA is issuing a warning.

It can be exciting to send your DNA for genetic testing. If you’re checking for disease markers it can be stressful of course, but if you’re seeking to learn a bit more about your heritage and the lineage of your family’s history, it can definitely be inspiring.

What about testing your genes to predict how your body will respond to medication, however?

Inova Genomics Laboratory (Inova) of Falls Church, Virginia has promised customers it can do just that. The problem is, the tests they use haven’t been reviewed by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safety and effectiveness. And maybe they aren’t accurate.

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The tests administered by the lab claim to predict patients’ responses to specific medications based on genetic variants they have. In response, The FDA is warning that changing any drug treatment you’re undergoing because of your test results however, could lead to potentially serious health consequences.

Inova is claiming it can predict your clinical responses to a variety of prescription drugs, including antidepressants, opioids, cancer treatments, anesthesia and diabetes medications. If their claims don’t hold up though, you could end up at the hospital or worse.

The FDA has issued a warning letter to Inova for marketing these pharmacogenetic tests. It’s requesting that the company respond  within 15 working days with information on how the violations cited will be corrected.

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