Breast Cancer and Childbirth: What Every Woman Should Know

Breast Cancer and Childbirth: What Every Woman Should Know

Having a child comes with many compromises and gains. You lose sleep, but gain an infant. Trips out to Grand Canyon take a back seat for a while, but you do get to see much more T.V.  And here’s a new one.

Your boobs may grow a few inches in size, but if you’re a new mom, your risk of developing breast cancer actually increases.

I know- it’s kind of shocking. A study done by scientists at the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health analyzed individual-level data from 15 studies, to come up with the findings.

The authors looked at the risk of breast cancer in relation to recently giving birth.

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The data showed that, when you look at women of the same age who have never given birth, women who have given birth had an increased risk for breast cancer that peaks about 5 years after giving birth.

This increased risk then continues for about 24 years after birth. Yes! Twenty-four years.

What was Mother Nature thinking? Apparently, breastfeeding doesn’t help to keep the risk at bay, in contrast to circulating opinions.

According to the researchers, the news is striking and birth should be considered as a risk factor. This is in addition to factors such as having a family history of fighting breast cancer.

So, are women supposed to do- not bear children? Ever? Of course not. It seems like more research could be helpful in this area. Or, maybe the future of humanity lies in laboratories, after all.

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