Are Men More Narcissistic Than Women?

Are Men More Narcissistic Than Women?

Men, regardless of age, tend to be more narcissistic and have more of a sense of entitlement than women, according to new research.

In a study, from the University at Buffalo School of Management and published in the Psychological Bulletin, researchers looked at data collected from more than 475,000 participants over a 31 year period.  From their tests, the researchers discovered that men consistently scored higher for narcissism.

More specifically, they assessed gender differences present in three aspects of narcissism including leadership and authority, exhibitionism and entitlement.

The participants provided responses to various questions and researchers found that there was a significant difference in the responses between the men and women for the categories of leadership and entitlement.  They believe this could suggest that men are more likely than women to feel entitled to privileges and opportunities.

Men were also found to exhibit more assertiveness and a desire for power when compared to women which the researchers believe could be a result of gender stereotypes that are learned when younger.




Sources: Psychological Bulletin
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