7 Surprising Conditions You Can Actually Treat With Acupuncture

7 Surprising Conditions You Can Actually Treat With Acupuncture

Tennis elbow, depression or hay fever? This ancient practice can help cure you of just about everything.

Acupuncture is somewhat of a great mystery. Originally from ancient China, it has people sticking needles into the outside of your body in the name of curing whatever is ailing you on the inside.

While it may sound like craziness, it has merit. It’s been recognized by the World Health Organization, (WHO), as an effective form of treatment and while it may not be perfect,  millions of people the world over swear by it.

So, what’s it good for? Acupuncture can treat a whole host of medical problems. Here are some of the strangest.

1) Tennis Elbow

Acupuncture can cure tennis elbow and other problems.

So, acupuncture doesn’t just treat a common headache, apparently. If you’ve been hitting the courts a bit too much in the sunny weather-or, even if you haven’t- the condition actually effects anyone doing repetitive movements of their forearm-you may be suffering from tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow happens when the tendons in your elbow become overloading from using them too much. Visit your local acupuncture clinic and they may be able to relieve a considerable amount of pain.

2) Pain at the Dentist

Acupuncture is also said to be effective at treating pain you might experience at the dentist. It’s not clear whether you should seek treatment before or after your visit when you do things like having your wisdom teeth removed. It certainly is hard to imagine taking treatment during your dentist visit, (would the acupuncturist sit behind you?)  It would make for an interesting dental clinic, though, no doubt.

3) Depression

Acupuncture can cure tennis elbow and other problems.

Depression can be deep and complex. If you’ve tried other treatments, (or, even if you haven’t) and want a different solution, you might consider alternative solutions, like this one.

4) Labour

Giving birth to a baby is painful enough, without adding needles into the mix. Acupuncture is said to be effective at inducing labor though, in some cases, and could be a useful treatment, if used at the right time.

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5) Hay Fever

Anything that gives additional relief to seasonal allergies symptoms is likely welcomed by those who suffer from hay fever. I know I’d try anything, come June. Check out your local clinic for treatment options.

 6) Sprained Ankle

Acupuncture can cure tennis elbow and other problems.

It would seem that taping up a sprained ankle and keeping off your feet would be the best way to treat this injury. Experts say though, that a solid dose of acupuncture can help your ankle to right itself and heal faster.

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 7) Adverse Reactions to Chemotherapy

Many cancers remain in large part a mystery to us all. Chemotherapy can work its magic, but many of those who undergo it suffer from debilitating side effects. Acupuncture treatments are said to be able to reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy, making treatment easier to endure for some.

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For more information on acupuncture check out the Acupuncture Now Foundation, and the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture online.

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