5 Ways You’re Killing that Healthy Salad

5 Ways You’re Killing that Healthy Salad

A heaping bowl of greens can be satiating and rich in vitamins and minerals, but what you top it with can turn it from a healthy delight to a disaster.

Whether you’re meal prepping at home or in line at the all-you-can eat salad bar, these 5 tips will keep those healthy salads…healthy.


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  1. Creamy dressings can contain over 130 calories per serving, and nearly all of it is fat. And no, it’s not a healthy-type of fat you’d find in avocados, for example. Cheese, ranch, and mayo-based dressings are the leading offenders. In their stead, try drizzling some vinegar and olive oil with a better of pepper to dress your salad the low-calorie way.
  2. Adding protein can make a salad a standalone meal, but keep away from the fattier meats like bacon or fried chicken or shrimp. Opt for grilled salmon or chicken instead.
  3. Cheese is the arch nemesis of salad. Piling on the shredded cheese piles on hundreds of calories. For that must-have cheesiness, limit to a tablespoon of grated Parmesan. Or better yet, sub the cheese for some fresh avocado to incorporate some healthy fats with a creamy texture.
  4. Croutons or crispy noodles add crunch, calories, and little else. Swap them out for nuts and seeds to keep that satisfying crunch, plus some fine nutrients. Just make sure they’re not sugar-glazed or heavily salted.
  5. Be wary of what your salad comes in if you’re ordering from a menu. A bread or taco bowl is just another serving of carbs and fat.

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