5 Things You Never Knew About Your Legs

5 Things You Never Knew About Your Legs

If they hurt you or keep you from sleeping, here are some answers.

Legs: for most people, they serve a purpose. They get you around town, help you up the stairs, trip you up when you least need it, and might look great in a summery red mini skirt on a hot day, but may prefer otherwise to stay tucked safely inside a pair of sleek, black slacks.

What else is there to know about them? Here are 5 things.

1) If They’re Restless, It Could Be an Iron Deficiency

Can’t stop moving your lower limbs in bed? Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) can be a pain. Some prescription medications can make it worse and the Mayo Clinic found in a study that other things can, too. A family history of the problem can cause it in children, as can an iron deficiency.

2) And a Sign of a Bigger Health Problem

A study from Boston University Medical Center has described Restless Legs Syndrome as a possible biomarker for other underlying diseases. An analysis of men with RLS found they were more likely to be diagnosed with lung disease, endocrine disease, diseases of nutrition and metabolism, and immune system problems.

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3) Your Thighs May Get Thinner As You Age

Research has shown that older adults can have a poorer blood supply going to their muscles. This can make it harder for muscles- like those in your legs- to build themselves up. The result can be skinnier legs, but an increased risk of fracturing your bones.

4) If  You Can’t Move Them, Drink Less Cola

Having trouble with your muscles and random paralysis in your legs? If you’re drinking anywhere from 2 to 9 (!!) liters of cola a day, this could be where the problem lies, doctors have discovered. Your massive intake of cola products means you have plummeting potassium levels, a lack of minerals and a whole host of other problems. Like too many plastic bottles piling up in your garage. The good news is, you can make a house from them.

5) Or, Smoke Some Marijuana

The American Academy of Neurology has found that medicinal marijuana can help with leg problems. It can alter brain connections and bring relief from nerve pains in your limbs. No laughing matter.

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