5 Precautions to Take When Having Sex After a Hip Replacement

5 Precautions to Take When Having Sex After a Hip Replacement

Taking pain medication and lying in the right position can help you stay comfortable.

Having your hip replaced isn’t completely common, but neither is it unheard of. It’s estimated that about 300,000 patients have the surgery each year in the U.S. This is less than 1% of the total population, but still a lot of people. 

What’s sex like after you heal? Here are some tips from experts. 

1) Be on the Bottom

Anyone with a new hip can strive to protect themselves by taking a bottom position during the act, in order to keep any weight off your joints. 

2) Take Pain Medication Before the Encounter

According to the Orthopaedic Institute of Central Maine, taking a mild pain medication before engaging in sex can help you avoid small aches and pains. Don’t take anything too strong however, as you could end up hiding any larger injury if it hits. 

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3) For Women, Lie on Your Side

Women having sex can alleviate the stress on their joints  by taking a side position. This allows the hips to stay free from pressure and makes movement easier.  

4) For Men, Support Your Weight on Your Elbows

As for men, taking a position on top with your body weight on your elbows, can help keep you in the clear. 

5) Don’t Raise Your Knee Past Your Hip

Keeping your knee low and your legs extended rather than bent can help ensure your hip joints stay relaxed. Nothing wild and crazy, at least not yet. 

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