4 Reasons to Pick Your Nose and Eat It

4 Reasons to Pick Your Nose and Eat It

A snot snack is a green, gooey reservoir of all that’s good. Here’s why.

Remember sticking your finger way up there, and grabbing the biggest booger you could find? And then drawing it out, and popping it satisfyingly in your mouth? Those were the days.

Most of us were reprimanded for picking our nose and eating it, but science and a study published Applied and Environmental Microbiology says that maybe our parents were wrong after all. It might have actually been good for us.

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Here are four ways that ingesting your snot can keep you healthy:

1) It’s Full of Bacteria


The snot accumulating in your nose is full of great things. According to KidsHealth.org, your nose and sinuses make about a liter of snot every day.

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Its role is to trap dust, dirt and germs before they travel down to your lungs, possibly causing an infection, and so when you take it out and then eat it, you’re forcing your immune system to deal with that bacteria and fight it off. What a great way to give your overall immune system a natural boost!

2) It Can Fend Off Respiratory Infections


Just as #1 explained, the mucus in your nose traps bacteria before it travels further into your body. Since it got when you inhaled it, it makes sense that the potential for respiratory infections is sitting in that unsuspecting booger. Eat it, and it could help to fend off a full-blown infection.

3) It Could Keep Stomach Ulcers Away


Snot is filled with mucus, and when it comes to preventing stomach ulcers, the more of it, the better. Stomach ulcers can happen when the balance between the acid in your stomach and the protective mucus in your stomach’s lining runs haywire. Not enough slime? Eat up. Maybe your nose can help.

4) It Can Keep Your Teeth Clean


It may seem weird to think of the contents of your nose cleaning your teeth, but it’s true.

Scientists say that eating your boogers can help keep your mouth tidy because of all the good bacteria they house. Of course, don’t throw away your toothbrush, but maybe limit your use of tissues.

In fact, researchers say it could be so effective, they’re studying snot to develop a toothpaste that can do just the same thing it does.

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So, there you have it. Maybe your instincts were onto something, as a kid. Dr. Scott Napper, professor of biochemistry at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, and co-author of the study told the U.K Telegraph,

“Nature pushes us to do different things because it is to our advantage to have certain behaviors, to consume different types of foods. So maybe when you have an urge to pick your nose and eat it, you should just go with nature.”

A booger a day keeps the doctor away.

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