4 Desert Alternatives to Skip the Carbs and Sugar

4 Desert Alternatives to Skip the Carbs and Sugar

From gelatin to fruit and meringues, low-carb dessert can be enormously tasty.

Trying to cut down on carbs and sugar can feel great, but sometimes it’s a mind-bender when it comes to meal planning. If you’ve been doing it for years, you already have your go-to recipes.

For those easing into new eating patterns though, it can feel like an uphill battle. The grocery store is full of wheat-based, carb-loaded foods that are fantastically tasty to snack on. They aren’t doing you any favors.

Here are 4 alternative desert choices for those looking to cut down on carbohydrates and stay healthy:

1) Sugar-Free Jello

Jello is amazingly refreshing. Nothing says ‘chill out’ like a bunch of green jiggly cubes sitting on your plate. Make your own from scratch, or pick up a pack of the sugar-free stuff at the store next time, and enjoy some guilt-free tastiness.

 2) Fruit

OK, fruit isn’t entirely sugar-free. In fact, it can have a lot in it. The nutrients in fruit make it a great desert with benefits, though. And as an added bonus, it’s good to know that all that fiber helps your body to release the sugar present in fruit much more slowly than it hits you bloodstream when eating a donut. You’re much more likely to feel a lesser sugar high with some apples and watermelon.

3) Strawberries in Sugar-Free Chocolate

Thankfully, chocolate chips come in sugar-free varieties. Melt them down and dip your strawberries and voila: sugar-free chocolate-dipped fruit.

4) Sugar-Free Lemon Meringues

Meringues are essentially made from egg whites and a few other ingredients. Check out lovetoknow.com’s recipe for sugar-free lemon meringues and never go without desert again.

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