5 Tips for Parenting Difficult Teenagers

5 Tips for Parenting Difficult Teenagers

Dads may find it more difficult to be compassionate, and yes, the advice your friends give you could work.

Challenging youth in your home?

As with any argument, it can be so tempting to fight back when your teenager goes at it. You’re the adult, you know better than your kids, and that’s never going to change.

And so, you have the right to voice your opinion-even if it’s loud-and the kids should listen. And mothers, it should be noted, are more difficult parents than fathers, and they are usually the ones who need to change their game.

Really? Psychologists at the University of Rochester may disagree.

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A new study has found that, although the majority of previous parenting studies have focused on moms and how they react to angry kids, the parent who is most likely to display hostile attitudes are fathers. Dads, it’s been found, are less capable of dampening down their anger are more likely to resort to harsh discipline aimed at their teens, and.. in particular (are) not as good at considering alternative explanations for their teens’ behavior (as moms).”

Dads are more likely to think their kids just trying to push their buttons, it was found.

What works?

Every kid is different. Experts (and next-door neighbors) advise that you don’t sweat the small stuff, communicate, try to be compassionate, establish firm but reasonable boundaries, and resist taking it all personally.

Easier said than done, but worth trying.

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