3 Myths About CBD’s Medicinal Benefits

3 Myths About CBD’s Medicinal Benefits

Now that CBD products are mainstream across North America, there’s plenty of information about the benefits and consequences of using the cannabis products.

Here are three points of misinformation that are commonly accepted as CBD gospel:

Myth #1: CBD has therapeutic benefits and THC does not.

’Many people assume that CBD has therapeutic benefits and that THC is for getting ‘high,’ says Ilana Platt, PhD, Vice President of Innovation & Global Regulatory Affairs at CannTrust. ’But THC has as much medicinal value as CBD, and combined they can help patients with common issues such as chronic pain and insomnia.’

Many CBD-dominant strains of cannabis also contain some THC.

Myth #2: Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, everyone can purchase CBD for medicinal use.

’All licensed producers must adhere to good production practices as outlined in the Health Canada regulations,’ says Platt.

That means you can be sure that you’re purchasing a quality product—whether CBD-dominant or not—if you buy from a licensed cannabis producer.


But, ’medical cannabis is specifically authorized by health-care practitioners to treat a variety of conditions,’ says Hance Clarke, Director of Pain Services at Toronto General Hospital and member of the Shoppers Drug Mart Advisory Board on Medical Cannabis.

’To access medical cannabis, patients need a medical document from their healthcare practitioner, similar to a prescription. If you self-medicate with recreational cannabis products, you may not know your correct dose or what factors might influence your reaction to the treatment, which can result in unwanted negative side effects.’

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Myth #3: CBD is safe for anyone over the legal age limit.

While a wide array of people could benefit from CBD’s medicinal properties, it still ’may not be appropriate for those with a history of psychosis, psychiatric disorders and adolescent or developing brains,’ says Dr. Clarke.

’Other factors to consider include severe cardiovascular disease, liver disease or kidney disease.’ So, find a healthcare professional to help you learn if medicinal cannabis can be beneficial to you.

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